WooCommerce Checkout Optimization for Conversion

Checkout optimization is vital for companies selling online. The cumbersome user experience in the WooCommerce Checkout procedure can be highly improved. Here’s how we did that successfully for a client. Recent checkout optimization research reveals that 26% of users have abandoned the … More Info

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What Is the Future of E-commerce?

In today’s world, the revival of e-commerce is happening right in front of us. Digitally native and high-tech brands are testing out voice commands and boosted reality-enabled offline-to-online experiences. With PWA (progressive web applications) and headless e-commerce, steadily the world is evolving into … More Info

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Social Media

How to measure Social Media ROI

“You simply cannot measure Social media ROI” – this is a quite common misconception among the people. Like billboard advertising, a lot of businesses just tend to go ahead with their social media campaigns and hope that their valuable efforts … More Info

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