Skoon Cat Litter

Skoon offers its customers an ecological alternative in cat litter. Its products stand out for being organic and of high quality, made from natural components that create a microscopic structure capable of retaining and eliminating odors. The business strong point is in the biodegradable solution provided to consumers and its highly effective formula

The challenge

Skoon Cat Litter wanted to redesign its website to make it an attractive eCommerce space that would increase conversions, optimize the purchase flow and improve the user experience. In addition to being intuitive, the new website had to incorporate options to expand the product catalog to meet the additional needs of consumers and their pets.

Work Created

Web Design
Web Programming
Customized Subscription Interface
Optimized Checkout



Bringing the project to life

In response to customer requirements, our team worked hard to create the website architecture and determine how navigation would work from different devices. The use of Sitemaps allowed us to organize the information before advancing to the prototype phase, where we sketch the basic form of the website and define its functionalities.

Wireframes gave us the freedom to establish a solid structure that showed the content within each page, as well as its uses and benefits according to the objectives initially set.

After fixing the functions, we went on to the design of the aesthetics taking as reference the most characteristic elements of Skoon Cat Litter. In this way, we achieve a consistent harmony between the brand and the website.


One of the biggest changes we implemented was to refresh the user interface, making navigation between the sections of the website more user-friendly and including simple and eye-catching calls to action. From the home page, users can now visit the store, view the latest buyers’ reviews, and get quick access to product descriptions by simply displaying a tab.

Purchase step by step

Another great added component is the step-by-step purchasing flow, which makes it easy to choose products according to customer needs. Through a simple selection method, users can choose the type of sand, its size, presentation and quantity. The information provided allows the e-commerce platform to determine the purchase frequency and suggest new offers. 

Mini Cart

Part of our mission was to simplify the shopping experience. We achieve this by adding a Mini Cart in the form of a sliding sidebar that shows the number of products added and the accumulated amount; in this way, users have at hand a quick count of their purchases so far. 

This feature also provided a easy way to present UpSell options to customers who can view related products to be included in their purchase.


Seeking to create a lasting relationship between the company and customers, we designed a subscription program whose main characteristic is its new and impeccable managing interface. By registering, users not only have the opportunity to take advantage of new offers, but also to view order history, schedule or modify their deliveries, change the shipping address, and add products to their next renewals.

The intuitive design (unique in WooCommerce) makes it possible to slide-in panels with options for changes or accessing the benefits of the reward program, which usually include discounts.


The checkout process is key to generate online conversions. Our team knew this, so we worked on redesigning the traditional WooCommerce checkout form to make it more user-friendly. We now have an optimized form that has fewer steps to follow and a selection of fields located in strategic places to guide the customer to the end of the purchase.

Points and Rewards Program

Additionally to the new design, we launched a system of “Points and Rewards” together with another of “Referrals”. The dynamics within both programs seek to incentivize customers to share their shopping experience with friends and family, at the same time that they receive award points that they can then use on new purchases or subscription renewals.

Mission accomplished

From the beginning of the project, our approach was to offer a final product that would give the brand notoriety and optimize purchase process for its customers. The joint effort and attention to detail made possible the redesign of a website that stands out today in their industry. 

The result of our work with Skoon Car Litter translates into greater online purchase flow, effective customer loyalty and visual improvements that simplify user navigation. 

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